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recipes, food otp's and general chatter about cooking

food porn
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First of all, let me say:

This is not a community for fanfiction involving foodsex.
::winces and laughs at self:: The things fandom has made you think about...

This community was begun by killerbeautiful and halfdreams to generate some recipe sharing and talk about food between us and the people we know. The problem with so many of the recipe communities out there right now is that they're enormous, and we feel a little lost. We're hoping to make a smaller community of people whose opinions we trust- not out of distrust for others but purely from the fact that we (like many other people) are more likely to try new things if they're recommended by people we know. So for right now, the community is closed to people on our flists and people they refer.*

So, what's going to happen here? What are you going to see? Many things, we hope, falling under one of the following categories.

1) Recipes. We're hoping this will mainly become like a community cookbook for people, with recipes organized by tags** and in the memories. Any kind of recipe is welcome here, but we ask that you use good judgment- if it's another recipe for chicken soup (omg, you added rosemary and it rocked!) it probably doesn't need to go here- we're looking for stuff that's interesting, inventive, creative- not necessarily complex or taking a lot of forethought/planning, just stuff that you wouldn't necessarily find by cracking open the Daily Bread. Even if it's not something you've tried yet, go ahead and post it! More likely than not, you'll find a willing guinea pig to try your recipe and tell you how it went over and what could be done differently to make it easier.

2) Requests. Recipe requests are totally welcome! If you're vegan and need to make a fantastic dessert; if you follow kosher or hallal and need a dinner entree; if you're hosting a bridal shower and need to make appetizers for a horde of excited thirtysomethings; this is your place. Request away, and we'll all do our best to pitch in and supply.

3) Discussions. Some of us, as mentioned above, are vegan. Some follow kosher. Some are on Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers or other diet plans. What works for you? What recipes take a surprisingly few number of points? What foods have you found fill you up with only three net carbs per serving? Know a great way to work protein into a vegetarian meal? Feel free to bring your issues/ideas about food and cooking up here; I doubt there's anyone who wouldn't benefit from them.

So, here we are, and here you are. Very glad to have you here, and can't wait to get cooking with all of you! XD Now go, and steal me fresh jam! [/strongbad]

* referrals basically happen like this- you tell your friend who's a member of the community that you want to join, your friend tells us you're cool and won't spam the community with eleventyjillion recipes involving interesting combinations of peanut butter and soy sauce, we let you in. We're not picky, we just don't want this getting out of hand.

** tags will organize the entries by several means: type of recipe (dessert, entree, soup, appetizer) and main ingredients (chicken, chocolate, vegetables, pumpkin). so please, PLEASE remember to tag your entries appropriately. The type of recipe can get more specific but just make sure you get the umbrella tag in there somewhere; you may tag it 'christmas.cookies' but please also tag it 'dessert'. If it's a request, tag it 'request' and if it's something that's neither a recipe nor a request, please tag it 'discussion'. Also, we'll be putting everything in the memories for even easier access.